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"I can't say enough good things about Refresh Marketing. They changed my life.

Mr. Ryan Howe literally saved my business. I was going to every event I could to get my name out there. That was a lot of work for short term results. When I met Ryan and started with him he made it so I did not have to go to every event. It freed up so much of my time. Then, my business just took off."

"I don't have enough great things to say about Ryan and his team. We've been using Refresh Marketing for 3 years and it's been a GAME CHANGER! 90% of our marketing budget is utilized with Refresh Marketing and we can attribute a large portion of our growth to their services. They are always looking for ways to get our social media to the next level and offer helpful constructive criticism and tips to take our marketing up a notch."

Why should you use us versus the other guys that bury your ad?

  • Trackable ROI
  • Your ad is always FRONT PAGE and can't be missed.
  • NO competitors - Your ad is exclusive!
  • We deliver to 10k+ homes
  • We deliver to 10k+ emails
  • Text, email & social promotion when new cards launch!
  • All cards have a digital and print version.
  • Your ad reaches 10k+ customers where their attention is most - their phones!

Stop "HOPE & PRAY" marketing, and reserve your spot with Best of Magic Valley for a trackable and guaranteed ROI!

Example Postcard

Why is Best of Magic Valley such a wildly successful marketing tool for local businesses?

  • TV/Radio: Depends on people watching at that particular moment. Nearly impossible to tell if customers respond to it or not.
  • Outdoor Billboards: Doesn't have tracking ability. It takes long-term exposure for people to notice. NO TARGETING.
  • Coupon Packs: Gets littered across thousands of homes, but only a tiny percentage open them; typically, the "bargain" hunters you don't want anyway. You end up squished between competitors and multiple pages, plummeting your ACTUAL exposure down to nothing!

Eliminate HOPE & PRAY marketing with our GIANT postcards and Digital Marketing strategies that deliver proven results!

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Best of Magic Valley is operated by Refresh Marketing in Twin Falls, Idaho. We celebrate the best people and businesses in our community, while also serving our clients with the best marketing strategies and services.

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